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Blue Velvet Weed Seeds

Blue Velvet Weed Seeds are now available on our online platform. The  weed strain, the sister of our renowned Blueberry, has returned after spending several years in our genetic bank. Despite having a 50/50 indica/sativa genetic makeup, Blue Velvet strain tends to express itself more clearly due to its dominating indica genetics. The parent genetics are from a potent Afghani Indica and Purple Thai, a hybrid of Oaxaca Gold and a unique Chocolate Thai. The Blueberry family was initially brought to Europe during the 1990s when Dutch Passion collaborated with the original Blueberry breeder. Using the original seed stock from the 1990s breeding project, Blue Velvet was developed.

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Blue Velvet takes eight weeks to flower indoors and has a robust primary bloom that is heavily coated with resin. By late September or early October, she is prepared for outdoor use. She might have blue coloring, especially if grown outdoors or in cooler indoor environments. Blue Velvet can grow to a height of 2–3 m when grown outside in a favorable climate. Blue Velvet can tolerate a fair amount of fertilizer density and is simple to take cuttings from. She is praised for her upbeat, euphoric high and fruity, floral flavor. The old classic and favorite among connoisseurs Blue Velvet is incredibly powerful and comes highly recommended.