54.41% THC and <0.1% CBD
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Big Foot Cannabis Oil

Big Foot Cannabis Oil is now available on our online platform. The Big Foot II hemp oil is a proprietary combination of multiple strains that we combined.  Since we lacked sufficient quantities of each one to carry out a separate extraction. This batch of Big Foot marijuana oil was produced utilizing the solvent extraction technique developed by Rick Simpson, which is why it is darker than the oils produced using CO2 extraction.

 Marijuana Oil Review

Some of the effects reported from these strains are Relaxed, Happy, Focused, Creative, it also helps with stress pain and fatigue

Big Foot Hemp Oil

The strains are, Gorilla Glue, Kryptonite, Hazy OG

These three strains are all hybrids, which means its genetics come from both indica and sativa parents. Hybrids allow you to experience both mental stimulation and relaxation without either becoming overpowering.


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