Yield Indoor
450 Grams (16 Ounces) M2
Yield Outdoor
850 Grams (30 Ounces) M2
Height Indoor
140 cm
Height Outdoor
230 cm
Flower time
8 to 9 weeks
Harvest month

Alaskan Thunderfuck Feminized Seeds

Alaskan Thunderfuck Feminized Seeds is now available on our online platform. In addition to its energizing qualities and well-balanced aroma, Alaskan Thunderfuck marijuana also produces a sizable crop when grown in colder areas. The flowering period for this outdoorsy variety lasts 8 to 10 weeks, and its THC content is roughly 22%.

Cannabis seeds from Alaskan Thunderfuck are well renowned for their distinctive and strong aroma. Which is sometimes compared as a blend of skunk, earthy, and diesel undertones. This potent strain has a particular flavor as well, with notes of pine, lemon, spice, and sweetness. Some people might even detect a spiced banana flavor! It is a well-liked cannabis strain among cannabis lovers looking for a rich and tasty experience because of these qualities and its powerful effects!

Alaskan Thunderfuck  Seeds Review

This hybrid cannabis strain is perfect for you if you enjoy the cold weather! The optimal conditions for producing marijuana strain seeds from Alaskan Thunderfuck are cooler climates with lots of light. Because these cannabis plants may get rather tall and need a lot of room, it’s important to have both enough horizontal and vertical space, as well as some pruning expertise. They also gain from routine trimming, which ensures optimal air circulation, light distribution, and plant height management. As this particular cannabis strain is susceptible to pests and illnesses, nutrient-rich soil and regular watering methods are also necessary for optimum growth and harvests. Make sure to provide your plants with lots of water.

Due to its northern background, Alaskan Thunder favors outdoor cultivation if possible. Matanuska Thunder grows well in environments that resemble its own land—it will flourish in colder areas with dry, arid air. This is an homage to its native Alaska. However, you might want to think about using this attractive but potent strain for outdoor plants because, when grown naturally, the average yield increases from 500 grams to 850 grams per plant. With an 8–10 week flowering period, Alaskan Thunderfuck/Matanuska Thunderfuck is a superb addition to your outdoor garden. This uplifting hybrid favors cooler climates, as should be obvious.

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