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Afghan Kush Weed Strain

Afghan Kush Weed Strain is now available on our online platform. The Hindu Kush mountain range, which is close to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, is where Afghan Kush originated. Since it has been refined over many years. It is the best source of hash, including charas and the viscous black Afghani hash. Everyone can cultivate their own plants using the seeds provided by White Label Seed Company, a Sensi Seeds partner from the Netherlands. Also the Afghan Kush’s buds grow into enormous, blunt-topped nuggets that are resinous and produce large yields. Afghan Kush is a top pick for anyone trying to unwind after a long day because of its highly revered heavy resin content and extremely sedating effects.

Afghan Kush Weed Effect

Furthermore, Afghan Kush has a high THC level of 17% and an average THC content of 13%–14%. The body experiences unusually strong impacts from its high, making the user feel lethargic and/or tired. It has a euphoric impact and is advised for usage at night because it effectively relieves aches and pains. Many reviews claim that it makes it difficult to move after eating and gives them the hunger. This strain’s sedative qualities earn it a high ranking from those who suffer from sleeplessness.


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In addition, its ancestry can be traced back to the Hindu Kush mountain range close to the Afghanistan–Pakistan border, where the indica strain Afghani originated. Initially, it was developed to develop the ideal and strong cannabis variety for making sticky, dark Afghani hash.

Afghan Kush boasts unique aromatic and flavour profiles. Flavors and aromas in this strain are noticeably woody and earthy, combined with subtle spicy, almost herbal undertones. Some users relate this taste to hash, which is understandable, seeing that Afghan Kush has a long tradition for being used in making traditional Black Afghan and Charas hash varieties.

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