The “roots” of medical marijuana can be found in antiquity. The earliest practice is credited to a Chinese botanist who employed it about 5000 years ago to cure a wide range of ailments. Today, thanks in part to licensed medical cultivators who produce their own medicine, the therapeutic value of marijuana has been well established.

Every medical marijuana seed has some sort of therapeutic characteristic that can treat various conditions. The two primary genetic types are Indica and Sativa, and depending on the problem you’re trying to treat, they offer various therapeutic benefits. For instance, sativa-dominant medical strains are frequently used to treat depression and chronic fatigue because of their uplifting properties. For this precise reason, they make a perfect choice for daytime smoking.

The converse is true with indica-dominant medical strains, which provide far more narcotic body stone with potent painkilling properties. This is due to the higher concentrations of CBD (cannabidiol), substance that helps with bodily relaxation, pain management, and is most frequently used to treat sleeplessness. If you’ve ever seen the phrase “couch lock” used to describe stone, it refers to the unwinding sensation of being unable to get up from the couch, which is often associated with Indica strains and something we’re sure most users have felt. Hybrid strains are combination of the two types and typically provide patients the best of both worlds.

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